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Hello friends, my name is Victoria and I am here to listen to you and help you change your life today. I will coach you and guide you through your problems. We can talk about the different paths available to you. I am non judgemental and I will help you find practical solutions. I work with the law of attraction and my intuition to provide guidance. I am respectful and I will provide compassion and wisdom in your search for answers, be it romance, career and family matters. Let me discern your situation and help you to fulfill your dreams. Additionally we can discuss exercises that you can do at home to help you on your chosen path. As a disclaimer, my advice is for entertainment purposes only and is not a substitutute for legal or medical advice. That being said I am here to coach, listen, and read occult insights, call me today!


I come from a line of intuitive women having learned some rituals even in childhood such as an energy cleaning one can perform on their own. I do not sell you spells but rather can prove instructions for you to do on your own. I have long had this interest in ESP and the paranormal checking out library books on these topics since the age of ten. I have experience with readings since 2003. I feel passionate about this world and want to help others better themselves. In university I have also taken family and marriage psychology course so I can help you practically as well as esoterically. I am also well familiar with the business world and thus can help you with insights in this area as well. My preferred tool to guide you are tarot cards.

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Arshdeep Bath
Arshdeep Bath
Arshdeep Bath
amazing as always, i think i will finally make the attempt to talk to him around Christmas and what better time than that. thank you for always keeping it real and reassuring me when needed. i will definitely be back with an update. by far my favorite and my go-to ❤️
lovely to speak to as always Xo
I love her
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