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I have been doing readings for over 15 years, started when I was in high school. I use I use a combination of cards and dice to connect and give a different perspective on any situation and bring clarity. I have never received any training on my gifts, I have developed them over the years by intuition and practice. I see into the future by understanding the past and present, this lets me see different possible futures. This is a very powerful tool to help shape our own future and destiny. I can help in almost any kind of situation, love and relationships, break ups, work, career, life coaching. Regardless how challenging or difficult a situation can be I always see the bright side and the new opportunities it brings, and I can help you see it and go through it.


I have over 15 years of experience doing readings and guiding people in the best way I can, I always tell the good and bad news as they show on the cards. No matter how hard the situatio may be I alwasy keep the reading grounded and down to earth providing practical advice that can help you go through.


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