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Tarot, to me, is a blend of intuition and worldly guidance. Every reading is its own ritual, given the time and space it needs to be what it will. Any subject is fair game, whether for a simple yes/no, to gain a specific answer to an in-depth query, or to simply have better awareness of a broader situation. Different subjects may call for spreads of varying complexity to reach a sufficient result. This may range from a single card to over ten, though I will generally employ no fewer than three. My specialty has always been readings with a specific question or subject in mind, but general readings are also available. At current, I use the classic Rider-Waite deck as a primary tool. All readings are conducted on a specific ritual altar space adorned with care, generally laid out with complimentary tokens like natural stones and temple incense or oils. I am often also assisted by one or more empathic support animals that have come to dwell with me in recovery from harder times in their lives.


I have studied tarot and other oracle cards off and on for well over a decade, focusing on varied layouts for readings intended for specific questions or subjects such as mental and physical health, relationships (platonic, romantic, sexual, or familial) of the past, present, and future, general life path advice, and even simple yes/no questions. The classic Rider-Waite deck has always been and at current remains my primary tool. Combining this practice with other complementary holistic and secular tools provides the well-rounded approach I strive to achieve the most useful results for querents. These may include herbalism and ceremonial tea, oils, and incense, animal (familiar) intuition, crystal gridding, as well as counseling and therapy techniques, any of which may be specifically requested or left to reader's choice. The animals I work with are never made to participate, rather choosing of their own volition to assist when they would like to. Regardless of ability or willingness to work, they are always well cared for. Experienced with, accepting, and supportive of ALL LBGTQIA+ identities and issues, HIV/STD statuses, queer and non-monogamous relationships, and other 'alternative' lifestyles.

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