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Hello! I am a gifted natural born card reader, My readings are very accurate. I am open minded and not judgmental. I respect the dignity and integrity of every single client I read for. I read Tarot cards and Playing cards to give you the clarity you are seeking for a variety of situations and concerns. I open myself as a vessel to receive divine guidance from the universe. I am able to answer specific questions as well as provide general card readings. Don't like what the cards have to say? I can help you see the good in any situation that the cards may present to you, as well as help you find the right path to once again allow yourself to receive the blessings of the universe. I can also provide readings using runes and intuition. I use my divination techniques to unlock messages from the universe and then my intuition leads the rest of the reading. I am also knowledgeable in herbalism and astrology. Contact me today! I look forward to speaking with you and providing the answers you are looking for!


I am a folk magic practitioner for the past 11 years. I have a family history of special abilities, ranging from psychic abilites to energy moving and healing. I first discovered my gifts as a young child when I kinda taught myself to read playing cards before I knew it was an actual practice. My love and intrigue for reading playing cards led to my interest and study of Tarot. I have helped countless people find the answers they are looking for as well as provide advice pertaining to their unique individual circumstances. I have experience with long distance readings and can connect to each client without having to be in person like some readers. I use my background in spiritualism to reinforce my readings, which I feel sets me apart from the rest. I go the extra mile for every client every time and make it a personal goal to make sure there are no unanswered questions. If you have a question, I have an answer for you. I am able to provide a glimpse of light in even the darkest of situations, and I can offer you hope and steer you in the right direction to escaping the darkness, as well as how to prevent falling into future negative situations. I also provide spellwork services.


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