Ravyn Vanessa


ACCURATE, HONEST, STRAIGHTFORWARD! (I do not sugar coat anything!) Have questions about potential partner?.. Is he the one? is he going to call you? whats does our future together look like? Already have a partner and want to know what they are up to? is he cheating on you? Have questions about a potential Job? Cant decide which job to take? Have questions about a family member? Using my knowledge of the decks and my skills of precognition, I will guide you through the vast journey of your reading. I allow the cards to tell me a unique story. My readings give my clients a sense of hope, healing and understanding from the past, present and future. I read tarot, oracle and pendulum. Ask any question your heart desires!


Since I was five years old, I have always had a strong gift in precognition and a close relationship with my spirit guides. I am able to bring through messages with startling accuracy, bringing through information that is impossible to guess at. They come in various forms of messages, either through a feeling or a message in my head to a vision through my eyes. This has always been a natural part of my life, but in the last five years, I've decided to add tarot into my studies and expand my skill sets as a reader and I am pleased to combine this new skill with my already familiar skills of precognition and spirit guide communication. I specialize in love and relationship readings. I use different decks depending on the person that I'm speaking with. I use rider Waite and/or rider Waite based decks. I also use several oracle cards as well, depending on the question that is asked at hand.

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