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Bonnie Marie
Bonnie Marie
Relationship Problems
Bonnie Marie


Hungarian Clairvoyant - Empath - Healer - Medium. Over 15 years experience as a Tarot Master and Relationship Expert. Areas of focus include soulbound connections, emotional abuse and trauma. Fairy tale free always. I gravitate mostly towards the classic Rider-Waite Tarot, as I have had this deck with me for over twenty years. I also utilize a seasoned Amethyst Pendulum. Above all, I communicate directly through my Spirit Guides .. and their Shaman, Ancestral wisdom. Archangel Michael and Raphael have also been there beside me all of my life. I do not provide fairy tale readings nor do I tell you nonsense to slap a bandaid on your problem. If you are looking for instant gratification through a reading, I am not the one for you. I will tell you exactly what it is that I see. Many Blessings to you and yours ..


These gifts came fully into light when I was a child living deep in the redwood forest. The animals .. the trees .. everything spoke to me. I could feel their liveliness, their energy as if it were my own. I knew things .. things that other people could not see nor hear. I kept this to myself for a long time. When I grew older, I tried to fight it the best that I could. Desperate to fit into society's standards. But, it was always there, hiding. I started experiencing abuse and trauma from a narcissistic father and codependent mother at nine years old that changed me. That's when my visions and feelings escalated drastically. I could almost taste what they could, feel every bone in their body. I could see things happening to us before they did .. in dreams and in waking. It was long after that I began to realize that these gifts were there for a reason. To protect me. To guide me. To prepare me for what is to come. I suffered immensely through these years and have the scars of post traumatic stress and severe social anxiety because of it. But, I am here now .. with lifelong experience guiding souls to find this light within themselves, as I have before. I am here to listen to your story ... to help you find your way. Through better and through worse.

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