4th Generation Hungarian Clairvoyant - Empath - Healer. Raw and unfiltered. Ask me anything. I am not here to tell you everything you want to hear and pretend there is a fairy tale around the corner for you, adding to the disappointment. If something heavy comes up I will say it. The only way to proceed forward is to face it head-on. I have been blessed with a very potent Hungarian bloodline of Clairvoyants. This allows me to be able to sense the feelings, thoughts and future of those around me. If you have a potential love interest I am able to tune into their energy, unveiling their true intentions and desires. I know what it's like to feel in a daze, confused by emotion. We've all been there. I can see what it is that is holding you back from the life you truly deserve. I will not sugar coat. I never judge my clients, as I have felt myself in their shoes more than plenty. I deliver heavy readings with compassion and respect. I use a classic Rider-Waite tarot deck. I also utilize an Amethyst Pendulum for Yes/No answers. I will start by drawing three cards.


I have been practicing Tarot for over 15 years. My readings come from spirit and the universe's energy. Occasionally I will deliver messages directly from loved ones who have passed. Raw and unfiltered. Intuitive Empath. I never hold back. Curious? Ask me anything. If you wish you may withhold your question until the end. I believe the future is not set in stone and the choice has always remained yours. We are all psychic to a certain degree. Some more than others, but we all possess these gifts. I want to show you what you are capable of. Our approaches are very different from each other. To me, these come as visions and feelings towards a certain situation. Yes/No questions are very difficult simply because it is only at this moment your future changes constantly. You are the one in charge of your own destiny. Generally speaking, the best way to attract one of your dreams is to put your focus and love onto yourself. The rest will follow.

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