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Clairvoyant Insights
Clairvoyant Insights
Psychic Reading
Clairvoyant Insights


Love/relationship specialist. Using your name and dob I can feel the energy and vibrations surrounding you and how that energy is functioning in all areas of your life. 

  • love 💑
  • family 💒
  • career 📈
  •  and much more 

I can also use: 

  • tarot
  • palm
  • crystals
  • past life regression upon request 

Being able to connect on a deep spiritual and emotional level allows me to understand your situation, provide divine answers to all of your questions and deliver messages of direction I can let you know what’s working and what needs to be changed to help get you on your destined path for happiness. I am a very honest and straightforward reader. I will tell you the truth and only the truth. I always go into my readings with compassion for the people I read. 

My additional services:

  • spiritual renewal 🌱
  • chakra realigning 🙌


I have many years of experience in reading for and consulting others. I have worked in psychic and chakra healings studios. I have studied the metaphysical, & divinity and worked with powerful psychics and spiritualists, some of them from my own family to understand and tune my abilities.

From a young age I have been able to pick up on the energy and vibrations around people, communicate with angels and spirit guides, as well as read chakras and auras. I have helped countless others in the past navigate roadblocks in relationships to re-spark the passion that was once there, find/reconnect with a soulmate decide between loved ones and recover from a broken heart.


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