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Hi my name is Violet I am a spiritual reader and adviser I have been doing readings for over 16 years I help in all matters of life I am in love specialist I can solve all problems I hope in love, marriage, business, career, finances, break ups, divorce and more I am a born gifted psychic. I am a third-generation psychic my grandmother it helped me to use my gifts overtime.I do palm reading and tarot card reading's. I also specialize in chakra balancing and meditation.I am very open and honest and to the point I do not sugarcoat I tell you to truth in what needs to be said to help improve your life and keep you on the right path.I would not steer you wrong I will help keep you on the right path to all of your goals in your life can be accomplished if you are seeking peace, happiness, joy,and love contact me today for a better tomorrow and get the answers you are seeking!


Born gifted with over 16 years of experienceI have had dreams that foretell the future events I receive warnings, dream messages,and also wisdom.I cleanse negative energies that can cause imbalances and obstaclesto corrupt ones path.I can help balance one's own individual frequency.I use the sound of one's voice to tune in to their aura to provide the client with new alternatives in deep insight. My gifts were handed down through my mothers generation's in my readings in person or by phone just by the persons energy I can name or initial friends,family, lovers or soulmates dad has a meaning in your life.I grew up around a very spiritual family and have been learning through my gifts to read energy and use tools from a very young age.this experience has been developed and fine-tuned through the years of practice both personally and professionally. I worked publicly as a reader on various sites in 2001 across the platform's I have had a five star rating and very good feedback from many repeat clients who would come back to me over and over again my goal is to keep my clients satisfied as they find me to be a compassionate and accurate reader.I have worked with kasamba and keen and others and always had a high rating and satisfied customers as mentioned earlier. I specialize in chakra balancing/alignment ,Crystal readings,Palm readings,Tarot card reading's. I can read all different tarot cards such as oracle angel cards.also color therapy,and aura cleansing. Although I need no tools to read I have experience in all areas listed aboveI can read with or without tools my spirit guides give me the messages I need to receive to give clarity to my clients to help guide them on the right path. I focus on solutions and connect deeply with my clients to help keep them focused and positive I help with reuniting lovers,marriage and divorce,Family and children,and soulmate connections.I love helping my clients with all the dedication clearing their confusion and difficulties in life.I am also experienced with giving past lives readings.my gifts has allowed me to help many people in need to help them achieve their goals in life and find peace.

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awesome !
I like.you very accurate helped my heart healed. understand my issues. Plz send mins
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Love speaking to Violet!! Don't miss your chance to talk to a great reader.
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