Evie Bell


Hi, I’m Evie, and I am an intuitive, empathic and down-to-earth natural psychic reader with 8 years of experience. My preferred areas to look into during my readings are love and relationships, general readings and potential priorities in your life, alongside the general insight on the future. When you first connect with me, I will briefly introduce myself and explain how I work, before tuning into your situation and beginning the reading. I have been told that I am very easy to talk to, just like an old friend. I find that this gives a better atmosphere for your readings, as it can allow you to feel more open and relaxed, meaning that you can get as much out of your reading as possible. When I read for you, I will mainly use my natural psychic abilities, in conjunction with my cards. I have a number of different types of cards, and depending on your situation, I will use the deck most appropriate to it. I can also offer chakra balance, astrology and numerology readings, as well as crystal therapy. I knew that I was a psychic from a very early age, however, I did not decide to develop these psychic skills until later in life. I gave my personal progression a great deal of time and focus. Gradually, I learned how to use different tools, and all of this development has led me to become the reader that I am today. In my spare time, as well as giving readings and developing my psychic skills, I am an active swimmer, and I also enjoy various crafts and reading. I am particularly inspired by a quote from the author Roy T. Bennett: ‘Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set for yourself.’ So, for a direct and honest reading, give me a call today!


I have been performing readings by phone, chat, and email for eight years now.





Such a gorgeous soul x


great reader straight to the point


Always put my mind at ease with my situation!




so sweet and kind! I was very comfortable talking with her
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