Do you feel lost or being tired with false promises? Do you want to know the genuine TRUTH about your LOVED ONES?You are in the right place to get the clarity about your life as I will not let you be confused now an will provide you the right direction in LOVE,Relationship,Reunion,Business,Career and the money matters.When I was born, I was not a normal child in my shape and in my weight. As a growing child,I did not play with the other children but used to look upon the sky and to observe the mystery of the stars. At the age of five years, one day an image appeared with the strange face having two wings around and started to talk to me telling that he was an angel. I did not tell to any one at my home. As my family is quite renowned for the psychic abilities. One day my grandfather saw me talking to that angel and discovered that I had the psychic abilities. I am a Natural Born Psychic,Medium, Empathy,a very intuitive certified Tarot Reader,viberational energy healer,clairvoyant and Spirits guided channeler. I am working with the same spirit that has appeared in my childhood to help the others to find their destinies. I use all my gifts to ensure you an accurate,honest,compassionate and confidential reading.You will find me a Non-judgmental and very caring Psychic with the gentle human heart. My psychic abilities and use of tarot cards will help you to reach your desires and dreams in reality. I will help you to back on track which is full of hapiness and peace. Through my intuitive and honest insights you will be able to get clarity and proper guidance for your questions concerning love, relationship,life choices,health,money,career and the other life matters. I can tell you what your partners feelings,thoughts and intentions are for you and what steps they will take in future.In addition, if you are in love but your partner is not behaving as you wish,my goal is to provide you the answers of of all related questions to get the complete understanding, and to eliminate your tension through my ability to heal your love,relationship and your marriage. Note:----My readings are based on TRUTH only.I do not sugarcoat or give the people a false hope so if you are ready to accept the truth whole heatedly then I am quite suitable for you.If you are not a Truth listener then please don't come to me for reading because I share all types of news either they are good or bad but TRUTH.


I am a Natural Born Psychic and a Certified Tarot Reader.I have been reading for 22 years on different sites and networks and has a helped more than thousand people in changing their lives. I am working as a Spiritual teacher and life coach,viberational healer and Hypnotherapist.



ok not what I thought based on reviews




she provides a lot of information. I liked this reading, thank you Agathe.


she is lovely and great to talk to

Blossom George

I love my chats with her
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