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Hello; my name is Wonder Woman and what I offer you is a diverse reading, what do I mean by that, simply that I never stick to one method, I think of myself as a conduit to the Gods, what I hear from the clairaudiently I pass on to you, sometimes I'll be doing a tarot reading and I stop in mid reading because I receive a message from the Gods, other times the Gods feel they need to deliver these messages through me and so I do direct channeling, how this works is I allow my spirit to step outside of my physical body and whomever needs to deliver the message to my client steps in. This could be an angel a god or even a celebrity that has now crossed over.Other times the gods don't want to be quite so animated so I do automatic writing, this way I hear them clearly and write down as they talk and then deliver their messages to you! I have been working as a direct link for the Gods since I can remember always receiving these messages, but as far as professional readings, that has been for the past ten years. Among my certifications are RYT 500 (registered yoga teacher)I incorporate the art of breathing into my readings in order to reduce the stress of my clients.RMT reiki master teacher and I am also certified as a Chakra Balancing Therapist.Dream Analysis Therapist. Past Life Regression Therapist.Animal Communication Therapist. Aura Clearing Therapist. So I ensure you receive complete energy healing in every area and feel restored and de-stressed.Allow me to show you how to enchant your universe!!! Thanks for taking the time to read this,Wonder Woman


I actually started on this path by accident, I wanted to color hair, and when that did not work out I studied how to be a past life Regression Therapist then I became certified in many other areas, this included studying other paths such as Wicca and Hindu.and living by a code "Harm None Do what you will, after applying to work to a psychic line I was hired on the spot! So I have been working professionally as a psychic medium Energy healer life coach for ten plus years! Eleven this December!I work for many lines including my own, give me a call and lets make your life completely magical!Wonder Woman


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very acute


Thank you!!




Wonder women is amazing, straight forward and honest. Thank you


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