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Hi, my name is Wasi and I am a professional, real, caring and honest psychic medium since birth. I am educated and articulate, with a Literature and Psychology degree from a top university of my Country. If you are seeking a genuine psychic reading with someone who has credentials and a proven successful track record then look no further. There's a lot to be said for Spiritual Universal Guidance, it's priceless when it's real and accurate. I have the way & means to offer you the answers you seek. Many people have become my clients and friends and I love them and I love to help them. I am open to all subjects (sorry, no lottery or gambling questions), and will give you every detailed, expressive report on the message(s) I receive - including any message(s) from loved ones that may have already crossed over. Have no fear, my results speak for themselves. I go into a deep meditative trance to do my psychic readings, My psychic readings are real, not created from software programs or other means. I look forward to getting to know you!


I hope that this is the start of a long and trusting friendship. I have been nurturing my gifts for many years and have been a Top Rated Seller on different platforms for over three years. You can have confidence that I will be honest, detailed and accurate in your reading. More than 4 Years experience and full of passion with 100% responsive rate. My specialist area is love and relationship so no matter what your situation is I can help you, whether you are in a love triangle, have lost someone, want someone, or same sex relationship, I can help you.



I wanna continue our reading please send mins.


great reading and in touch with the situation


Such a kind soul. Listens and discusses and advises and reads, all very fluidly. I am really grateful that I got the chance to speak to him tonight. Blessing to you Wasi, thank you.


Wow! Thank you it was a pleasure.... he is so accurate and a pleasure to talk to! Many blessings to you my friend....



Thank you
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