I offer readings that are very descriptive and very detailed, so that you will receive the help to over come obstacles, and start living a more fulfilling life.


I'm an Experienced Intuitive & Spiritual Advisor with 18 yrs of experience. I started at the age of 11 where I would have dreams and they would come true and I would have visions and hear my spirit guides crystal clear! My gifts include many, Clairvoyance,Love-Career-Financial Advisor, Healing Readings, Aura Readings, Life & Motivational Coaching, Tarot Readings, Stone & Crystal Readings. People from all over the world and all walks of life have received my special insight and guidance to their life's problems. I recieve accurate answers from my spirit guides, concerning your relationships,business and all other matters with accuracy of 95% in most cases. Most importantly, I am caring,straightforward, compassionate and inspirational advisor, who is driven to help you solve your circumstances and change your life with positive results.


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