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Hi, My name is Hope, I am psychic that has been helping people for the past 12 years.Connecting with each person, with their name and date of birth is very important. So that I give them detailed information about them selfs as well the people in their life.I have helped many people with love issues. Often people ask is the person I am with meant for me? Or Am I in the right relationship.Just 1 reading with me will bring clrayty to your your life. And give the answers you have been searching for. Tarot cards are just one tool that use that gives me the insight that I need to connect with my clients. I Trust in a higer power and I understand universal law. Thats why I am able to do what I do.My name is Hope Lets do a reading today, So you can start a better tomorrow!!!


I have so many experiences personally and professionally as a reader. Ive been doing readings professionally for over 15 years, I also own two psychic shops .Ive helped reunite loved ones ,eased unsettled hearts through difficult times i open doors to the future while closing doors from the past that need to be left behind . I'm also an empath which means i connect with people spiritually and I'm sensitive to all situations one might be dealing with .



Excellent pretty accurate

Excellent very accurate


Excellent reading


Hello, this was my first visit and I was cut short, but so far I am very pleased and I will be coming back! thank you


amazing reading she picks up on everything! fast and connects straight to the point! Love reading with Hope!

Michelle Castillo

Noy sure this time. We will see what happens
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