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Rest assured that the work I do is real, the information and answers Im given are indeed FROM SPIRITS/ANGELS and my connection with them is clear! Specializing in dates and time frames!
IM an authentic accurate and very honest Psychic Tarot Reader who works exclusively online in private chat with you. Im here to serve your needs as they relate to getting answers and clarity for what is currently unknown to you. I work with my own Spirit Guides who speak to me through use of my tarot cards. Its a shared language created by images and vibration that allows me to communicate with the Spirits and Angels who choose to come through in order to help you get the answers and feedback you need in order to make better more informed choices for yourself. I SPECIALIZE IN DATES AND TIME FRAMES and can easily discern another person's character and intent when you are uncertain about their motives or how they are to fit into your life now and in the future. Predictions are a large part of my abilities and while no one is always 100% right I have a very high percentage rate for accuracy through the years that if I could average it would be well over 80%. Long time clients have suggested it is higher!
I love my work and am dedicated to helping people from all walks of life to be able to experience one of the most authentic psychic tarot readings to be found on the Internet!

About me: Im a widowed mom and grandmother who has been experiencing communication with the Spirit world (either knowingly or unknowingly) since the age of 13, when I first was able to see my grand mother after her death. My childhood  was not an easy one and my maternal grandmother was my saving grace.  Her passing changed my world. I was without support from that moment on until adult years. Being raised in an abusive chaotic overbearing extremist religious household I had no ability to connect with the Spirit side of me and was taught since early childhood that any Spirit communication was demonic and so I lived daily sure that I was being haunted , fearing the entire experience and so I did my best to shut it down to ignore and deny. I remember at an early age being visited in my dreams by Spirit guides who were male in form (in my perception). I was then about 12/13 years old. I wasn't afraid and began to realize I wasn't asleep! There specifically was one male guide who I no longer have around me. I now know that this was my grandfather. Spirits have always come to me in my dreams and still do. They always show up with some form of transportation entering and exiting by an elevator but more often by some train station where they appear from a tunnel and return through the same tunnel which leads to somewhere that has a bright light glowing. It wasn't until a year or two ago that i read that this is one of the ways we know if we are actually having a dream or if there is a Spirit coming to visit. Ive had visits from my grandmother, grandfather, a couple of close friends and also my transitioned partner which still happens even now from time to time. I don't consider myself a channeler though there are times when a passed on loved one will choose to make an appearance and when this occurs I allow the energy to flow. I cannot do this as will and it is not my specialty.

Through the years my path has taken me on a colorful journey and I have lived a life full of passion and love for life itself! Ive lived and played hard, traveled and seen much. My experiences are many and true. I may venture out into the world again some day but for the past few years I have chosen a quiet solitary life, studying the law of attraction, quantum physics, how energy works and all the while strengthening my relationship and communication ability with the Spirits I work with including my own Higher Spirit Self and its/my connection to Source Energy. My skills and gifts are utilized daily and honed as I continue to do multiple readings daily, engage in meditation each and every day intending to get better and better as the months and years pass. Im becoming ever more aware of my true power of spirit communication and how to use this wonderful gift and honed skill.

Through my travels Ive been able to be in close association with and trained by true Shamans, Energy healers and wise gypsies...teachers of the Tarot and Psychic energies in earlier years. This is my passion, my livelihood and I welcome you to my chat to experience your own Psychic Tarot Session with me today. All questions (outside of death related or medical) are welcome!
There are no guarantees in life or in the answers you receive but I can assure you the work I do is real, the information and answers Im given are indeed FROM SPIRITS/ANGELS and my connection with them is strong.


30 years experience in the Psychic Profession doing Psychic Parties, Phone line work, Festivals, Public readings in an outdoor setting for tourists (New Orleans), home clients
25 years experience working online through many sites too numerous to name as well as my own private business online. I am happy to work at Zodiac Psychics which is an authentic caring site to work with!
20 yrs exp. exclusively working online (my connection is clearer, stronger and less interference when working in online chat!)
I have worked with clients from all walks of life , throughout the world from every financial and social class, LGBT community welcome, all religions (or non), and I have had the fun opportunity to work for a few celebrity personalities, as well!
I accept questions of every type, topic, area of concern including family matters, love, romance, dating/cheating/divorce/reunion.. ALL RELATIONSHIP related, money/work/business/career including upcoming changes, questions about moving, education, difficult choices and I also am highly experienced in giving life path change of direction , transitional times of need advice from Spirit. For the past four years I have grown to be able now to include grief counseling.
Tarot Class available using The Halo Method by author and my mentor Carla Flack ask me about it!



Incredibly fast and very friendly. Would recommend this lovely woman to everyone, who wants to get their problems solved. 5 stars!


That is what happens to me. I will call you again today


That was an amazing reading! Thank you so much, Carla


Thanks Carla!!  I am REALLY impressed with amount of information you gave me

Rose Mary

She is very friendly and charming :) I would recomend Carla
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