Lady Catherine


Hello friends, My name is Lady Catherine, I Specialize in Love, Relationships, Marriage, Separation, Soulmate Connections, Twin Flame Connections, I also give advice in Career, Finances, Family Matters and all situations you may be facing or confused about. In my readings I mostly go by my empathic ability to tap into ones energy and aura to help guide. If necessary I will also use tools as in Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Crystal Runes and Oracles. Also if you wish for me to use any of these tools please ask along with your Name and Date of Birth. I will help guide you on your true path and journey! So give me a call or chat today!


I am a 5th generation Psychic with over 17 years of experience, I have been giving readings practically all my life online and in person. I do have an office where I also conduct my readings. My readings are confidential and to the point. I am non judge mental and I am an honest psychic. I will tell you only what you should hear, not what you may want to hear. So if your worried? Confused? Or just need a simple answer I will be able to guide you on whatever situation you may be facing. Blessings to you always.





Thank you as always ❤️


Thank you x



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