Angel Rose


From the smallest issue to the big questions, I help those who seek. I posses vast and extensive experience in the following fields Love, Relationship, Job & Career,Business, Finances And provide Direction, Guidance, Clarity, Positive Change, Intuitive, Enlightenment, Spiritual, Self-fulfillment and much more. I use positive behavior inculcation therapy for “Relationship Conflicts”, self hypnotism for behavioral change, and cognitive meditation for situation analytically solutions of all sort of life problems, spiritual empowerment therapy for spiritual healing, induced psycho lingual mechanism for self accountability and personal grooming and development. As a life coach and therapist I believe in generating and amplifying clients own overcoming powers, channeling them through applying various techniques and directing them through spiritual enlightenment. As said before, you can aspect a straight forward and honest answer from me. I love to help and serve my clients on whatever they are going through. I am having ability to understand the situation and can easily guide you as well to get a clear vision at a range of situations in life. I am having spiritual and logical way to recognize and guide you. I provide my service, answers and reading with immense respect, sincerity and care. The result of any reading can be touching some time. But my objectives are only for the utmost good for you and your loved ones. The effort I put in is meant to help and lead you to the right direction. I would like to assure you that you will get the best possible that is an honest, highly accurate reading and advice based on your situation and facts of yours. My intellect readings in the area of love, relationship, romance and career. Very perceptive support on all matters of the heart and spirit. I can reveal your future, in both love & relationship as well as in professional front.


Master Clairvoyant!! Born gift with Psychic Abilities and Medium. Diploma in Personal Development Specialization in Psychology including Relationship Issues. Am a certified personal development coach, emotional, mental and spiritual therapist, healer and hypnotism expert. I have been working for last 15 years as a psychic and having a number of celebrities as my clients.



Thank you Angel, you were so right about me...I will call you again...


Thank you Angel...


Thank you so much you out my mind at ease and I look forward to seeing everything unfold xo Very good reading very kind and spot on.


She's amazing I truly appreciate her fast response and kindness. I look forward to the future xo


I hope you were right!


I appreciated the reading Angel did, even though hearing the truth and actually feeling what she said was True....Thank you Angel, very Good reading
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