Brenda Lee


Your spirit guide led you to me, enhance your romance or restore your broken affairs. Get the insight and help you need with accurate, honest psychic readings by Brenda.


I have been using my intuitive abilities to provide clients with personalized readings for more than 25 years. You do not just get a quick fix, my goal is to help people who are tired of getting the same thing and want to reach their goals. With a master in all spiritual categories, I am completely dedicated to delivering the results you seek.





She's fast and to the point. No delays... has a lot to tell you, not one word answers or short sentences, you get long paragraphs with lots of info. Speaks well, no typos and types fast. I hope what she sees is correct with my situation but I feel otherwise. Maybe right maybe wrong but I can't live my life like this anymore!



Brenda was by far the fastest, and best at english yet! Very honest and picked up on things quickly. Valudated everything my gut is telling me and makes sense. Thanks!

Erika L Springer

Thank you for your reassurance
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