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My approach to readings is very down to Earth and sensible, combined with a style of spirituality that is very grass roots. In my experience there is no such thing as destiny. For there to be destiny it would mean we had no free will. God/Yahweh/Allah/Universe (whatever you call that divine spirit(s) that we all aspire to) granted us free will and it is his greatest of gifts. However, I do believe in fate. Fate brings us choices to exercise our free will. I will answer questions related to love, career, relationships, money, and matters of life which come up. Choose me for an honest in depth reading. I will not judge you. My job is to give you the information you need to empower you to make decisions to change your life and circumstances for the better. I seek to give you the support for you to find the energy to make enacting those decisions easier. I believe that living one’s life is the greatest teacher of all, and that when problems come along and life becomes confused and stressful, it is a gift to help you grow and move farther along in the journey.


It is my honor and pleasure to help you with the abilities I have been given. I am a natural born psychic medium and have been giving readings for over 30 years. While doing the reading I empathically read the energies around you, and respond by sending reiki healing back to you. I work with your spiritual guides and family members. If you do not wish for me to identify any family members that might come in to work with me, please tell me in advance.



she is good


I've read with her before and she seemed pretty accurate but she wasn't picking up on the person today. Did a rune reading but I'm not sure If she was just saying what she thought I wanted to hear.


No,idea what she was talking about made no sense


incredibly complete reading. Would recommend


I hate being cut off. Will call you back in a couple of hours


Susan brought lots of relief and hope into my life. Would recommend her.
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