Mystic Gemini


I am a psychic medium and spiritual advisor. I am also a Usui Reiki master and crystal healer. I specialize in all matters concerning love life and relationship issues. I can help guide you and give you insight into your life and your past and present matters. I will never judge you I will give you straight to the point answers no mumbo jumbo here.


I have 20 years experience giving readings to people. I also have Certificates in Reiki and am able to use it on humans and also on pets. I can do this in person or I can do this from a distance. If you are interested about this just message me!


Toby Sheldon

This is an amazing person with great ability to listen and give the answers

Kendra Berry

She is just...I don't even have words to describe her. Very friendly, very confident, well-explained advice. Thank you again

Barret Tomas

She confirmed all my hopes!

Amanda Hawthorn

Well.. here is my testimonial.. me and mom went to see this wonderful lady.. not knowing what to expect.. we got our reading.. me and mom went together.. and spirit really came through a lot for my mom.. she was quite satisfied as was I.. but was happy to see her get some closure and answers she had.. will definitely go back.. as I need a one on one reading.. such a friendly lady.. thanks so much

Diane Kmyta

Today was a very first time I have tryed anything like this. !! Melissa was amazing I went into this knowing I could not pick who wanted to connect with me but yet the two most important people in my life came threw. I was not a believer in this at all and I sat very quiet in the beginning cause I didn't want anything to slip I wanted to know if this lady and her powers were for real. Well there real alright as she told me the first spirit was a male not young but not old I knew it was my dad. She knew his personality right off the hop and she discribed him to a tee , the next thing she said had me listen to every bit she could tell me she relived the day dad passed. She seen everyone in the room holding hands as it did happen. But she knew I was holding my dad's hand and his message 14 years latter was thanks for being with me at this time. Not everything made sence but it was so worth it. Thank you so much Melissa it was a huge weight lifting off my shoulders after you reconnected me with my parents. Thanks so much. ((( hugs )))). And I'm going to bed happy knowing my parents are listening to country music and dancing the two step tonight.

Ashley Tatlow

I just wanted to say thank you for Saturday. Our reading with you really opened our eyes to reality that we aren't alone. That our loved ones are still watching over us and protecting us. It was something I really needed to know and feel. You're wonderful at what you do and we will absolutely be back!!
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