Angelic Camilla


I am God's beloved angel. He sent me here to teach people about love. I have perfect faith & spirit shows me the way to fix your love problems. Love is always willing to find "understanding" of one another.. I believe in the power of love and the force it has to reunite lovers.Love can unite and heal us but first, boundaries need to be opened so that the love can flow through. If you and your beloved are stuck and the flow of love has stopped. Let me show you how to release it again. Despite separations and divorces, love can always be reconciled because that is it's highest purpose.. e.g, to keep loving again.  All you need is one spark... and the fire burns again.


It has only been three years that I've discovered my gifts. The first experience was one month before the Sept.11, terrorist attacks. While I was at work, I felt a sense of doom as in my mind, I envisioned an airplane crashing through the window at work. I felt horror as I literally felt the wind come through the window and heard screams. I was paralyzed with fear and it took me a while to compose myself. I thought something was wrong with me. Why would I pick up such a random thought? "Those things can never happen", I said to  myself, thinking maybe there is something wrong with me. But then on Sept. 11, as I stood in front of the tv watching the airplane crash into the first tower.  Mesmerized, I couldn't speak and as the tower collapsed to the ground, I remembered that what I felt a month earlier was a premonition. The second premonition was when I heard a voice tell me that I would have breast cancer but that I would survive.  Two months later,I was diagnosed and had to go through chemotherapy, bilateral mastectomy, radiation and reconstruction surgery. Three years later, I am a survivor. I've also had other personal experiences that felt like a phenomenon and my entire life has changed because of it. I am wiser and all that I've felt and learned is a gift i wish to pass on to people.








amazing at helping you through tough situations. she is always there for me


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