Patrick Shaman


Love/ Soul-mates & Twin-flames/ Career & Finances/ Life-Path/ Spiritual & Psychic matters/ Spiritual & Energy Healing/ Chakra's & Aura:A himalayan-trained Shaman, that shares valuable insight that is fast & clear, with No-Sugar-Coating- whiles't being sincere & down to earth, offering practical advice using Psychic/ Medium abilities (clairvoyance+clairaudience+clairsentience), Crystal balls, Shamanic-Trance & Tarot cards to explore all available options in order to provide accurate insight, clarity and direction in all sphere's of life.


He has been practicing professionally as both a reader and healer for the past 21 years- face to face and via the web and telephone.He was also able to see the dead and transmit psychic abilities to other children from a young age. Coming from a celtic bloodline with psychic abilities in the family, from father to grand mother and hers before her, he was destined to follow this path as a vocation. After a death experience at age three, when he drowned after falling into a swimming pool, and had the most wonderful and liberating experience of his childhood, he had noticed I could see through the veil of death too.Gifted with past-life recollection, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience since childhood, Patrick has spent the past 26 years immersed in the spiritual field training and researching tirelessly. Initiated into the Sacred Mysteries and a developing Medium & Psychic since 1989, at which tender age he performed my first successful exorcism & banishing of P.K. entities, he followed on since 1989 to be trained in Inner Circle adeptship by The Aquarian Foundation, White Eagle Lodge, Theosophy Society brotherhood and,Inter-galactic beings from Pleiades. He had extensive training on the inner planes, and gone through various initiations, with teachers from the Kabalist University Jarusalem, lived in many ashrams around India being initiated and trained in Tantra, Yoga, Kendra, Shamanism- while training in the Himalayas with a Nepalese Shaman. He even took a two years vow of poverty and went to live as a hermit in the jungles with anaconda, bear, leopard & elephants barefoot, that he may refine his spiritual abilities.He is the real deal.


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