Natalie A Bowens


I have been reading for the past 16 years.  I always knew that I had an intuitive calling.  Since childhood I was able to pick up things and see things.  It was then I knew it was a spiritual gift.  In the past 16 years I have been able to help many with my gifts.  I am able to see into your energy while pulling vibrations.  I can tell what I feel going on in any aspect.  Wether it is love, relationships, career, finances or family I am very detail with every reading.  My reading style is very direct, compassionate and honest.  I look forward to helping those who needs guidance.  It is my passion to help bring clarity to those who need it.


I have had this gift my entire life.  I have been able to tap into my ability for the past 24 years.  But I have been professionally reading for the past 16 years.  Having experience in this field has enabled me to become one of the top in this field.  I have read for many clients throughout the globe.  I have reunited many lovers over the years of being a psychic professional, restored clarity, peace and hapinness to all of my clients. 



Amazing and straight to the point


Thanks for the reassurance advice and guidance ❤️❤️


so very detailed and accurate reading. shes fast and gave so much details in our short time together. she is awesome.




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