Rose Evans


I'm The Lady Of Wisdom also known as rose Professional Psychic, Seer and Mystic. I don't use any tools such as tarot cards, spells, astrology, runes, palm reading or anything else. I don't need your birth date! I do not script read or cold read like some psychics that you may have come across! I have visions, psychic dreams and premonitions that's how I perform readings or make predictions. I'm a clairvoyant (visionary) which means that I have the ability to see information in the form of visions. I see past, present, future and deal with past lives, people who have crossed over, lost objects, missing people, animal communication, love, spirituality, relationships, career, health, investments and other questions that you may have. I also make predictions and give time frames** I believe in God, honesty and integrity! I would never say that I'm 100% accurate or perfect! No one is perfect! However, most information that I see is true, accurate and happens! Unlike, most psychics or readers, I believe in telling you the truth No, you may NOT like everything that I'm saying. Just know that I'm being honest with you! Being lied to or manipulated is NOT helpful to you. In fact, being lied to is very harmful because lies can destroy someone mentally, physically and emotionally! You WILL receive the truth in a professional, honest and caring manner.


I been a licensed Psychic Reader & Advisor for 12 years




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felt a bit of a connection but I did give the situation away

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