My Readings Are Always 100% Accurate & Honest. Never Sugarcoating! My readings will amaze you As my predictions will astound you. with just your name and Date of birth your whole life will unfold infront of me. I was born with my psychic gifts, I also am a Reiki master and a spiritual counselor for over 20 Years. providing all types of psychic readings. I will connect with you emotionally, spiritually and psychically. my specialty is Love And Relationships. but I am Not limited. I also give inner soul readings to help you seek your life's True Destiny. Other services I provide Are: Past,Present,Future Soulmate Connections Breaking up And Divorce. Career Forecast, Life Problems Astrology Charts Health, Finances.


I am a Gifted clairvoyant and have been a Professional Psychic for over 20 years. My Gifts were Passed down to me from My grand mom, Who taught me how to Practice My Gifts. Even as a young child, I was aware of My Psychic power and healing potential for others. This knowledge led Me Down the path of personal growth and, eventually, allowed Me to guide others on their own healing path. I also help others to realize they have special gifts as well. I have worked with thousands of people world wide as a Psychic Consultant, Clairaudient Psychic, Dream Interpreter, Tarot, Pendulum and Rune Card Reader Medium, Healer and Certified/ Clinical Hypnotherapist And Reiki Master. I enjoy working with My abilities to help others experience greater clarity, in relationships Family issues And all matters of life. 



Evans is lovely to talk to she is honest and tells you the truth even if it hurts to hear


she was amazingly on point I highly recommend her to all


as always a pleasure speaking to Elana


u are amazing... thank u for being so wonderful


had me leave chat so she could light a candle and do a more in depth reading. I liked that she had me leave and come back and not make me wait there and waste minutes. also gave me free minutes for the second reading with the candle. I hope the predictions come true! I will come back and update! =)


connected very well! would definitely recommend =)
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