I read a normal deck of 52 playing cards. I am a spiritual psychic, and my advice and understanding comes from a high form of consciousness and when I connect with you, I can help you connect with and understand how you can tap into and hear your own Angel guide if you have the time. You just need to believe in a higher power. You do not need religion in any way for me to connect with you. I want to help people who are lost who cannot find the light I want to help you understand what is important in your life. If I don't connect with someone most of the time it is because they are in denial or just don't want to here what I am saying.  I am true to myself and that is all the universe asks of me. 


My first understanding that there was a whole other dimension or level of "life" happened when I was 4. It is a place where Angels, ghosts, and true nature resides. What I do is not something you can learn out of a book like Taro cards. What I do is from years of communing with that other side. I have read professionally since 1996. I have had repeat costumers for years. I believe in helping everyone. In my own private life I would only take donations for the readings I gave. But this world has lost all communication with their spiritual and social side of this existence So I am sending out beacons of light to you hoping those who need me find me.



Increidble! She is the best no doubts


Awesome reading without any doubts! it was completely worth my money!


Thank you Bellalisht. You have inspired me to make a change in my life!


Her reading was really honest. She didn't sugarcoat anything. Would recommend Bellalight


Thank you


Now i know what to expect in my future and what to do. Thank you!
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