Love Master


-MEDIUM (communication with spirits, souls or love people who pass the way) -EMPATH (sharing emotions or feelings from anyone). -TAROT MASTER (32 years of practice + tarot teacher +I wrote a professional book about TAROT ) -CHANNEL (I receive messages from ANGELS, GUIDES, ARCHANGELS). I WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING you need to know about your love relation. I will help you to take the right decision.  FAST … STRAIGHT to the POINT … FAST TYPER … NO WASTE OF TIME. SIMPLY the BEST


I was 6 years old when I receive my first "message", i did not understand the meaning of it before many years.When I was 12, my grand-mother teach me everything about Tarot. When i was 15 i start to give some free reading with friends,neighbors ...At the age of 21 i decide to become a real professional psychic, and never stop since. It's been nearly 30 years since my first reading, i am still enjoying helping people with my gifts. 


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