Elizabeth Stone


Welcome! My Name Is ElizabethStone! Im Gonna Start Off By Saying Knowledge Is Everything We Was All Born With Intuition!I Have The Abillty To Provide All Lifes Unanswered Questhions! IS HE/SHE THE ONE? AM I GOING TO MEET SOMEONE NEW? IS HE/SHE CHEATING? AM I FINALLY GOING TO GET THE JOB I BEEN WANTING? WHAT IS SOMEONES TRUE INTENTIONS TOWARDS YOU?No Need To Stress I AM HERE! Together We Will Come Up With A Solution I Pick Up On Past-Present-FutureALLOW Me To Help You Guide You Through The Right Path! Of LifeI’ve Helped So Many People Over Comes Lifes Biggest Mistakes! And Now IM HERE TO HELP YOU!My Readings Are 100% HONEST! I TELL IT LIKE IT IS! THERE IS NO SUGAR COATING! Its Time For You To Have Peace Of Mind You Have Nothing To Lose But ONLY! Happiness To Gain!LOVE & LIGHT! ;)


Connecting with you is what I do best! I take pride in what I do and I have dedicated my life and find joy in giving people hope and guidance! I Have helped many people and I hope to help you! don’t be afraid I am straight forward and able to pin point exactly what is going on!



She's not only beautiful but also so empathetic and looks at a lot of the positives with great timeframe and she also is a fast typist

Positive vibes

very nice lady thank you for the reading :)


I enjoyed my time with her. She has a very calm energy to her. I will follow up with her for sure


Good read will have to wait.


nice reading


execelent reader
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