Psychic Victoria


Psychic Victoria is a world renown psychic helping people of all walks of life from all around the world! For over 35 years she has been helping, advising and guiding people thru reuniting lovers, love/relationships, career/finances, family/friends, luck, relocating/change, etc. No matter how long you have been struggling or if you are facing new struggles Psychic Victoria is guaranteed to make all your problems disappear! There is no issue big or small she cannot handle. Whether you need a general reading or are looking for more serious help such as spiritual healing or a life cleansing, Psychic Victoria will provide accurate information & results in your love life.


Psychic Victoria owns 3 psychic offices through out California. She has experience in reading by phone, chat, email, webcam, & in person. She has been hired to famous psychic events, parties & fairs all over the United States



Straight forward and to the point ! Honest , tells you what you need to hear even if its not what you want to hear ! Postive and caring !


3 minutes is run out without an answer...come on


Very gifted and on the mark, tells it like it is, very pleasant to talk to will call her again for a follow up!


Sorry Victoria but my funds ran out Excellent reading


Picked up great! Would recommend!


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