Nicodemus Hilaire


Gentleman & Man Beast. A Perfect Blend of Spirit and Science. Go Ahead Pick My Brain You Can. I Give All the Answers No One Else Can. My favorite are issues of romance because you also gain a mans perspective.


I worked in a botanica, a shop that sold spells grimoires and enchanted items throughout college. I have had many years experience as an assistant babalawo (priest of santeria). I have given psychic readings since I was a child. I also have Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. I have done this and only this full time for over 10 years giving me lots of time to continue learning and perfecting my craft.



just didn't read said IL attack him...omg without going any further cut off on me


not for me


well this man just got added to my favorites list!! nico is legit! no bs, no info, just straight to the point. and dead on. not only did I need a mans point of view, and advice, it was easy to receive after listening to him be so dead on with out me saying anything other than "ok" the real deal!!!! not what you wanna hear, it's what you need


happy with what was read and hope it comes true


Great reading! He is amazing!


amazing. seriously the best. he knew EVERYTHING.
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