Soulmate Nageen


I was born psychic but never knew how to develop or use my gift. For many years I tried to suppress it but it would not go away. Near the end of 2013 I "woke up" and studied as much as I could about spirituality. Learning what worked for me and what did not only to find that a lot of the answers were already within me.  In 2014 my psychic abilities became fully activated after I stopped suppressing them. I could see all of the potentials of what I intended to manifest. I viewed and cleared energies from past lives. I talked to my angels and grandparents nightly. And I saw the faces and names of soulmates before I even met them. It was really strange when I did!  In the beginning of this year, 2015, I felt that something was missing. I had been living too much in the head and was missing a key component, the heart. I took Drunvalo's Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop and my entire life changed. All that was no longer supportive to me and my path was washed away and replaced with even greater joy and love.  For me it is the heart that is the key to seeing the truth. It is the heart that delivers the kindest message. And it is in the heart where we are all connected.


Experienced tarot and Chinese metaphysics (Ba Zi/I Ching) consultant working on analyzing all types of situations and relationships.Personality strengths and weaknesses readings, predicting tendencies, calculating the dates for new beginnings and assisting with taking the right decision. Using the tools of Chinese metaphysics can also help to activate personal romantic Luck and analyze love compatitibility.




Nice lady



not sure she really helped. I got much of nothing. and I put extra money that I don't have. just to see if I would get more information. and I really got nothing it was so vague



great thanks for everything truly honest and most of everything is true and came to past I hope the rest does too
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