Faithfull Bella


I am a natural born Native American psychic from the spirit lake tribe; my gift has been passed down from many generations. My abilities include full life psychic readings, dream analyses, astrology, and tarot card readings. My passion is to help people with all of their problems of life such as love, career, family, emotional, and spiritual problems. I can read past,present, and future. I am also a spiritual adviser and can help you with your spiritual problems.I will answer all of your questions truthfully and from the heart. I am very passionate of what I do and how I help people.


i was born with my gift and have taught to use it since the age 10 and been working in my grandmother's psychic shop since the age of 16 as a reader. 






Very sweet... in hoping things she is predicting are in fact true and the truth comes out!


She is spot on and has given me hope


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