Mystic Star


  Please do not expect a full detailed reading in a free 3 minute reading, it requires more than 3 minutes for a detailed reading. Im a natural gifted pyschic empath and i believe i was blessed with this gift by God. I can give you insight to any problem/situation your in & guide you through it. I pick up on peoples emotions feelings thoughts pain and much more. I will not sugar coat i will tell you how i see & sense things spiritually by my guides. I can help you with any problems you are facing, remember you are not alone.


Personally having to suffer to through hard times, i always given signs; i would see angels around me & i knew i was protected. Then i went on helping close friends and family, giving them insights and future predictions..which all came back to me & said 'its exactly happen how you said it would' and from that point my signs got stronger and angels flying around me got brighter & more visible. 




:( I wish I could talk more. Thank you!!!


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