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My aim is to help u deal with now, so u can create a better future.If u can understand why u are going thru crisis, what the purpose is, what u can learn from this, how u got to this point, u can then have stronger tools to move forward. Insight & knowledge is empowerment. I am clairsentient (feel) clairaudient (hear) claircognizant (know) & clairvoyant (see). I'm also trained in numerology & adept at dream interpretation. Allow me to help u help yourself.


I've been reading tarot since 1991, & have worked privately, as well as in shops, since the early 1990's. Trained in numerology, by a leading numerologist in Queensland, Australia, where my specialty is character analysis. Even though I have been a medium psychic as long as I can remember, I wasn't aware of this til the 1990's. For over a year I've been helping people in need of guidance, in the capacity of a psychic medium, as well as dream analysis. My gift is to help uplift & empower.


Maxine May

She is very skilled psychic. Told me the things that i didn't mention in our chat
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