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If you want an honest, no-nonsense psychic reading, Rose is the lady for the job! She has the gift of direct contact with your personal spirit guide. Since she is able to quickly connect with spirits, be prepared with your questions. To facilitate the reading, Nicole needs your name and date of birth. She recommends that you maintain a neutral posture during the Rose can give insight on a specific problem or the general forecast on an area of your life. Whatever area of life that is troubling you is where she focuses. Clients are amazed at Rose's ability to give precise information. Her open third eye enables her to create a strong connection and confirm, deny, or clarify the details of your situation. Rose psychic abilities are a family tradition. She is a 5th generation psychic! As a teenager, her grandmother brought her to a spiritual quest. Since she always felt and sensed things differently than other people, Nicole has been committed to developing her abilities since she was 14 years old. Although she specializes in matters of the heart and relationships, she is a talented psychic who can use her gifts to see into any aspect of your life. If you are ready for the truth, contact Rose today.


I am a first generation psychic and intuitive.Anyone can give you answers, however in my twenty years of doing this work, I have found that even with specific answers, you are still left experiencing the problem. I will give you an actual solution. but being a psychic it came a naturaly i was born with its a gift i do not study for it i dont sugar coat!!, im strait forward with my clients! don’t waste my time and I wont waste yours Clairvoyance (Seeing) Clairaudience (hearing ) Claircogizance (knowing) Clairsentience (Feeling)


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