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My name is Uriel, As well as the archangel, which refers to the angel of light, the light of the stars. I can give you an insight and make you find a clarity in the questions you have in regards love, relationships, money, career or life in general. The reading can make you understand the biggest picture about why a situation is being manifested in your life and what can you do in matters of solving it, understanding that everything reflected outside is a manifestation of something happening within you. And you are the one who can solve it and me the person who can guide you through this process. Kindness, an open heart, and mind are very important for me to connect and give you a great reading and provide you the insight you’re looking for in your life.


Nowadays, I count with 7 years of experience helping people through my gifts. Face to face and long distant readings and therapies are just examples of it. I work in my country as a tarot reader and as a guide for a spiritual school, and I use my skills and tools to help people get clarity and find a way to solve their issues in any aspect of their lives. Love, career, finances, health, and family issues are just instances of the fields I handle through the therapies. Besides, spiritual guidance about purpose in life is offered too.


not enough time but he had good points
Thank you! Always mature and thoughtful answers! I admire you gifts! Much love to you!
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