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My name is URANIA, the muse of astronomy and often associated with Universal Love and the Holy Spirit. I strongly believe that life is a journey and astrology and numerology can guide us to reach our destination. Life has ups and downs, but together we can always find a better way with the guidance of the stars. Chance has brought us together so let's put out some good intentions into the universe and set you on a path of success. By setting good intentions we can make our future be more positive, more loving and more prosperous. Let our journey begin today. My purpose is to make Astrology available to everyone by simply clicking a button, and giving you the right answer to your questions.


I am an astrologer and numerologist. I also provide predictions in different fields of Astrology like Love and Matrimonial match making. My areas of expertise include love compatibility, marriage compatibility and counseling, ascendant calculation, numerology, life destiny chart, business compatibility, divorce counseling, life coaching and many others. I consider my abilities a gift from God and it's through His guidance that I'm able to answer your questions accurately, while providing a new path towards resolution and peacefulness. Along side astrology and numerology one of my greatest interests is dream Interpretation. Throughout history dream interpretation has been relied on to better understand ourselves and others and I believe dreams provide us with some perspective on our day to day lives.

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A bit slow and vague with answers...
she is good
she is good
wish I could talk more no credits beautiful girl best reading
lovely girl
no more credits to talk lovely reading thanks
really good
Thank you!
Urania you are getting disconnected will you be able to help me with few minutes to complete
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