Unique Rickie Lee


Ask any questions you wish and with me you will get a honest straight to the point answer! With relationship to love life, career or your future path, nothing is to hard for me. I am quite gifted in many areas and I know you won't be disappointed from a reading from myself. Honest, easy to talk to and down to earth. 


I have been reading people for a very long time. For all sorts of people also. As my gifts are past down from generations, I have had my abilities from birth. So when I noticed my abilities is when I started doing readings. I have not just done readings for any normal person but for people that are in a high profession and also other psychics come to me for advice. I love what I am capable of and help, guidance, questions and also speaking and connecting with deceased is a wonderful experience for me. And I am honoured with every person that lets me use my gifts and read for them.

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