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Uncle Mazza
Uncle Mazza
Love & Relationships
Uncle Mazza


My life has been helped along by my guides and family in spirit. I have been able to see spirits and get messages since I was a young boy. Coming from a family of healers and psychics, I love being able to use my gift to help others see a better life. I don't sugar coat but I am caring and want the best for you and anyone I read for. I pride myself on being honest, down to earth. Having been through loss, I can relate and empathize. I have seen the most amazing things and am always ready to learn more. I am passionate about my spiritual and physical life. My work is what keeps me happy and I love to help others. I motivate others through my readings and guidance. Being able to help someone transform their lives is a huge honor. I've worked alongside emergency workers for two and a half decades and have seen souls cross over to the light which is a beautiful thing to see. While it is sad I was able to help their loved ones cope. Judging people is not what I have done or will do. We are all connected so I am happy to help you. I am an Uncle not just to my family, I am a Spiritual Uncle to many too.


In my gifted spiritual work I have done psychic clairvoyant readings professionally for 25 years in Australia and of late the world. My interest is in using new tools as well as the old. Working with my guides shows me visions and messages from them or loved ones of yours at times. I can also use Tarot cards, Oracle Cards and Dream meanings and interpretation. I'm honest down to earth reader and definitely enjoy being able to have worked with many hundreds of clients that still come to me and have their life change for the better. I have a strong following and happy clients as no question is too hard. Things that come to my have a lot of information that comes through quickly. I am here to help and learn more to add to my skills to help you.

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