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I do not tell people what they want to hear and I absolutely don't rush my readings it takes a little moment to connect to someone especially if you are my chat, it's faster connection when you call me and response. Your patience is highly appreciated especially if you are looking for accurate answers. Those who want me to tell you anything, and get mad if you don't get the news you were searching for, PLEASE STAY AWAY. I'm not sugarcoating anything for anyone. Please save yourself the heartbreak of being told the absolute truth. My services are very welcoming, Straight Forward, Empathetic, informative, Sincere and Honest.My cards and clairvoyance has shown me & my clients many bad relationships, fake friends, some of them have been able to stop thieves from carrying out their plans and has always led us to victory every time. I help navigate you through your hardships, because of the warnings that I've gotten in the past, I help to keep my clients on watchful eyes and or to help them stay away and or stop all association with those kind of people all together. I have been able to help not only myself but also my clients stay very safe & highly knowledgeable about their surroundings, life experiences and the people they deal with. The answers are always revealed, my tarot advisory has helped me & many others who have struggled with their guidance and for those who still struggle with factual knowledge about their lives and need to know which paths to take and what to watch out for.

Specializing in love & Romance, Career & Finance, Spirituality, General, Past, Present and Future readings. Very detailed, insightful life & love advisor. Real Answers, Real Results. Get the truth today.


I've been reading all my life and now going into 13 years of professional Tarot/clairvoyant experience.

My experience goes back to when I was a child my mom had seen special gifts in me that I didn't know I had. She started talking to me about my gifts at the age of 6 to let me know what I was seeing was not normal to a lot of people but me and to keep it a secret as I received all kinds of information from the other side about people around me at the time.

I could not just make them aware of the things I've seen and heard because as a child they would perceive the information wrong and think I was lying or playing some type of game with them. So as I got older I started learning how to word things correctly to people whom I needed to get messages to and as time went on that's how i began to get a small local following from neighbors and growing into adulthood at the age of 18 is when I decided to read professionally and try to help people from other cities.


thank you! So much sorry I ran out of funds. i would love to come and talk to you soon about him
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