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Trixie | Spiritual Liaison


Spiritual Liaison - Clearings & HealingsTrixie works on mental illnesses like mind chatter, lack of sleep, bipolar, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, addictions, Psychotic disorders, Schizophrenia, PTSD, and financial blockages just to name a few. Trixie does not prescribe medications and instead works with the universal energies that are connected to these illnesses & disorders. All sessions are 100% confidential and OFF THE RECORD! This means that I am not required to record or report ANY information from our sessions.
Professional Services are implemented with clearings and healings by accessing & removing negative energies that don’t belong, as well as tracking & retrieving your natural energies that do belong. In this evolution of growth and experience, everything has to adapt to the ever quickening pace of the world and that includes the spiritual clearings and healings.
Trixie works on the core frequency level – materializing immediate and tangible results while opening natural pathways in all areas of life.The outcome is permanent as a result of redesigning and reprogramming your soul imprint.


Clearing any overwhelming responses: stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, and sadness. Removing negative thoughts, entities, ghosts, critters, aliens, implants, spells, curses, contracts, agreements, trauma, blockages, beliefs, and programming…. just to name a few.

Healings are to retrieve all lost aspects, essences, and parts of your soul (soul retrieval). Working with the electromagnetic waves are changing the vibration of the cells within our body to create new growth and/or to reawaken parts of our body on a cellular level.

Spiritual Acceleration’s Contemporary Shamanism - Soul Essence & Retrieval, Spirit Liberation, Inter-dimensional Interference Class, Clearing the Life-Stream, Dark Side of the Light, Going Beyond: Emotional Clearing, and PTSD.

Path Home Shamanic Arts School - Teachers Certification Program, Upper World, Middle World, Lower World, Power Animals, Helping Spirits, and Sacred Space.

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