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Relationship Problems


Hello, My Name is Tristan, I am naturally gifted, I have a background in psychology, and I am LGBTQ-friendly. 🏳️‍🌈

My goal and focus are to provide you with a straight, honest reading while focusing on spiritual and mental wellness. With your name and birthdate, I can connect and guide you in your present and future life paths. I can guide you and help you close doors to the past and enter new beginnings,  I can help you find your true calling.  Matters of the heart are often difficult and I can give insight on what is to come and what the next steps are needed to be made. 

I offer guidance on various topics such as:


I offer in chat services for Love Resolution💏, Attract Your Soulmate Spell👫, Dream Analysis🌜, Money Spell💸, and more..


 I have been professionally reading for people for nearly 20 years.  My gift is inherited. I was born into a Scottish Celt family and several generations have been blessed with this gift. My belief is that I was given this gift to help those who seek it. 

I have been using the same deck of cards for over ten years, to me, they are special and are my best tool. Those who I have read for have returned to me because they said my readings were very accurate and "dead on". 

 I am what is called an Earth Mother, my connection is to nature and I speak with those spirits to do my readings. I promise to do a very accurate, detailed reading. My purpose is to help you better understand your current situation and what the future holds. 

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Jan 27, 2023
can you send minutes
Jan 27, 2023
thank you so much. can u send minutes
Jan 26, 2023
she's good
Jan 17, 2023
excellent, the best psychic!
Jan 11, 2023
Tristan you ROCK!!!!!! I love that you are blunt no matter what. Even if some things hurt to hear… hahahaha
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