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I'm a fourth generation psychic that has been predicting world events since age nine. In the same year I started channeling the deceased and they would also come to me in my dreams. I told my mother and grandmother what I  dreamed and they were shocked about what I knew. They were both shocked and afraid because I knew things that a nine-year-old child would never know. I started depicting almost everything around me. As got older I was more in control of my gifts. One day while I attended a psychic fair I was about to pay for a reading. She looked at me and said "why don't you read me"  and I laughed, we did and exchange of readings. She made me sit in her chair and read clients for the rest of the psych fair. We started sharing a both and I've reading professionally every since.  


Predicting world events since age nineWorking as a psychic for sevenConducted intuitive readings at psychic fairs three yearsOnline psychic for two plus (intuitive readings, dream intuition, medium


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