For starters, I am known as an indigo child. I have known something was different about me since I was a 13 year old girl. I know for a fact I regularly experience Clairaudience and Clairempathy and it is quite intense. I have the ability to interpret dreams for anyone and I have this sense of inner knowing that I have not fully developed or understand quite yet. I am big into astrology and have a strong gift for letting people know many things about their astrological sign and have been a fantastic match maker as I am always staying up to date and involved in the astrological changes going on around us. I also know my very presence has on several occasion messed with the life of batteries around me or made light bulbs just blow out for no reason or something that is being transmitted from an antenna stops being able to transmit only because of my very being in the same room.


I am developing my skills for the first time ever in life now.

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