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I am an Empathic reader who specializes in the complexities of the Soulmate and Twin Flame Union, I believe in the healing power of LOVE. Most are afraid of the truth, but with proper guidance, you can discover how the truth can really set you free. Let's talk and see what Spirit wants you to know. I use tarot to look at your situation holistically. I also use my intuition and Guides. From that perspective I will give you the truth. Life is hard enough, there is no need for harshness or judgment here. I am loving and caring but I WILL give you the truth.


Blessings,I am Tried by Fire. My life experiences have allowed me to be able to connect with people on a deeper personal level. Just as Gold, Silver, and Diamonds have been refined by fire, so have my experiences refined me. I have always found myself drawn to people who were hurting and in need, it was as if I could sense their pain and I could understand what they felt before they spoke a word. People young and old somehow knew that I could help. I would intuitively understand and give guidance and assistance on how to help. I've always known that there was "more" out there, and it was not until I became a Crisis Intervention/Suicide Prevention Specialist that I truly began to understand the power and the gift that I had inside of me. Over a 10 year span, I helped countless people through their crisis's using my natural abilities. Helping people is my Destiny and I want to touch and heal as many lives as I can while I am on this plane. "There is no wound that a kind gesture can not heal"

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