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Tracy Una Wagner
Tracy Una Wagner
Tracy Una Wagner


My sessions are filled with unconditional Love and nonjudgmental Light all for the purpose of holding space for you to receive the Guidance and Validation you most require at this time. I work Transpersonally to receive guidance, validation, and messages. *transpersonal: extending beyond the 'person' - beyond the usual limits of ego and personality* In this manner of Channeling I will give you the information as it comes – I receive through all The 8 Clairs – Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, Clairempathy, Clairtagency, Clairsalience, and Clairgustance. Our initial session will consist of, first, using Your Birthdate to establish a connection to your personal energy. Next, I’ll Draw Oracle and/or Tarot Cards based on your questions for guidance. While this is all happening I will be Connecting with Your Spirit Team which can consist of Angels, Ascended Masters, Loved Ones in Spirit, Spirit Animals, Nature, The Universe, Guardians, God, gods, goddesses, Nature Spirits, and anyone and everything else that would like to offer you support and messages. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and your Spirit Team to offer guidance and validation when you need it most I have multiple tools and techniques in my Spiritual Toolbox which I can count on to deliver quick and accurate advice and suggestions - these include: Tarot, Oracle, Spirit Teams (Yours and Mine), Pendulum, Chakras (Original 7-New-Transpersonal), Past Lives, The Clairs, Psychic, Empathic, Transpersonal, and Spiritual Intuitive Coaching Reach Out to Me For Gentle Guidance, Messages, and Validations. My Readings will not consist of financial predictions or lottery numbers. We all have Free Will and a Souls Purpose while I can give you the energy surrounding these things, actions and circumstances change too quickly. Also, I will not give medical evaluations or advice, I believe a health care professional should be the first line of defense, always. I'd love to connect with you and remind you how wonderful and extraordinary you truly are! Remember, Free Will is always at play and the Universe only wants your Highest and Best Good to come your way – and so it is! Sending You and Yours, Love, Light, and Eternal Blessings.


I am a third generation (possibly more) Intuitive Psychic Empath and Energy Alchemist that was raised in a Metaphysical household where talk of superhuman feats and the Paranormal were common occurrences. I've taken, and taught, hundreds of classes and courses in such topics as * Psychic Development * Metaphysics * Paranormal Research * Ancient Civilizations * New Age Studies * Shamanic Practices * Astrology * Animal Communication … just to name a few. I've been certified as: * Angel Messenger * Advanced Tarot and Oracle Card Reader * Life, Spiritual, and Transpersonal Coach * Law of Attraction Facilitator * Hypnotist * Reiki Master Teacher * Metaphysician * as well as received the honored title of Reverend. I’ve been working, professionally, in this field since 2011, but have dabbled in Metaphysics since I was a child I've been featured on/in Radio, Interview Series, YouTube Channels, Facebook Lives, Blogs/Vlogs, Books/Journals, and more. My passion is to help others by acquiring as many tools as I can to place in my Spiritual Toolkit. That way I may use them, at will, to help with the most precise means for each persons' unique and individual needs.

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