I help people with their daily life events, their upcoming experiences and how they can be focused to find the perfect balance of life, I have development in consulting techniques and work as a tarot reader and as a counselor getting recognition and appreciation around people of each of them since they see their problems solved. I have great contact with the natural and mineral world where nature itself offers its products for our healing and our evolution. Nature wants us to evolve, I can bring blessings on every aspect of our life, economically, socially, lovingly, culturally and for all that it gives us the materials to achieve our desires, connecting us to the highest spiritual spheres also helps us to leave the dense things of earthly life which cause us many problems and sometimes lead to vices such as alcohol, drugs, these issues are creating difficulties and sadness in spiritual life. Work clairvoyance, and crystal ball finding short-term events that help us visualize the problems of the clients in a fast way and giving quick alternatives to fix the conflicts that may exist.


I am tarot reader and seer since birth, Zen teacher and I have crowned oshun, orun and obba which are very great spiritualities, since I was very young I am in the world of spiritual ceremonies and santery, I manage energy transmutation, in which energy moves not as an entity but as matter is not created or destroyed is only transformed, from those same thoughts we can evolve our mind and we can see that always our mind projects us and desires is what in reality is given, we are creators of our destiny. From this mentality we observe that we will have a huge development with visualization techniques, become creators of our environment, our destiny and modify the wounds of a past, producing their healing and making them fertile lands that are our future. My mission is the development of people ideals, manage to get their dreams and their life projects. I have handled palmistry finding answers in each line of the hand where the events are written. we can do is break mental conditions in order to avoid worries, heartbreak, karmas and each of the negative feelings that overwhelm us every day. I perform psychosomatic therapies which help us on energy channels and give us tranquility in all life experiences.

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