I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empathetic. I use this connection to spirit to speak to me and let the cards tell their own story. I can pick up information by way of signs, symbols, and synchronicities as well as emotions, color, and tone. I can offer insights and advice as to where you may be stuck and how to proceed. Some signs can indicate timing in terms of speed or hastiness in decision making, but because the concept of time is more closely related to recall of events or experiences, spirit does not give dates, but rather hints by way of images to watch for. These hints speak to me by way of feelings that I can translate into focal points to seek, such as purple flowers may indicate a timing range of on the cusp of winter and springtime. I recommend taking notes as a reference at a later date because the messages can be multi-dimensional and may apply to a variety of scenarios encountered. The spirit world is beautiful in it's ability to dialogue and be of loving service!


I have always picked-up on extrasensory information which leads me years ago into working primarily as an intuitive. My passion is to focus on Life Path Readings which can relate to career and relationships. Anyone who is feeling like a feather floating through the sky, I always feel honored to be able to help assist with direction here. I use a variety of decks ranging from Native American, Keltic, German or Angelic genres. I also include Trivia Cards for fun from popular TV shows like Friends, Golden Girls, & I Dream of Genie. They are surprisingly accurate in the emotion and tone that they convey! My clients often surprise me with feedback about accuracy which continues to inspire and awe me. My intention is to serve navigationally as a guide & a coach to help you assist you in moving forward towards your highest and best direction. I once had a teacher in school who asked everyone, “Where do immortals live?” On the tops of mountains! I am here to point your compass North.

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tiffanie is so truly gifted and amazing
he’s heart broken? not bc of me?
my absolute favorite ever!
very helpful and picked up on everything I needed to know, and also helped give some advice on what direction to go
could you please answer the last question
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