I am a hyper-intuitive shamanic practitioner and a master of Runes. I can help you with relationships and love, life path readings, career path readings, negative spiritual energies, and spiritual and mental cleansing. I use Rune cards in my readings, but they are not necessary, as the symbols are emblazoned onto my intuitive mind after 38 years of study. These runic symbols are like a language that speaks to the underpinning of all thought and possibilities in the reality matrix. I also work with my spirit guide or fetch to seek out the answers troubling you. All of reality can be likened unto ripples in an endless well of infinite possibilities. The probabilities and variables are ever changing as we put into this well our thoughts and deeds. I call this well, the well of Wyrd, or fate. I can peer into this well and help you see the ripples that are unfolding in your pattern of Wyrd or fate. We are not victims, but shapers. Walk with me to the water's edge and peer into your life and spiritual destiny.


I have been studying the occult arts for 38 years, as my gift manifested at the young age of nine. In 1989 at age 20 I was initiated into Traditional Heathen Witchcraft by my mentor at the time, Mandrake. In 2008 I was recognized to the degree of Adept in The Temple Of Set where I studied Hermetic and western philosophy, and esoteric runeology. I was also studying in the Rune Gild at the time. When your gift is very strong it is essential to balance spirit and intellect with philosophical studies to ground one's thinking. I have been reading and studying runes my entire life, and I am quite proficient in their use. I have been practicing Harner Method core shamanism since 1986, and I have quite a bit of experience and knowledge in dealing with, and finding one's guardian animal spirit, or personal totem. My life has been filled with magic from a young age. and my knowledge grows every day.

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