The Mystic Wave


I am a natural born Psychic, Empath and Spiritualist, and knew such when Archangel Michael appeared before me, at the age of 3, and awakened me to who I am, of my Telepathic abilities - reminding me of my special gifts and purpose/call to Earth, bringing Love and Light. I have consciously walked a Spiritual path/journey and have been into Metaphysics/New Age Philosophy and Natural Healing since the age of 12.


Natural born Psychic, Empath and Spiritualist. Gifted in such areas as Clairalience, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and more. 
30 years professional experience! Offering Psychic and Spiritual insight, sound advice and guidance in Love/Relationships, Breakups/Divorce, Career/Work, Money/Prosperity, Family/Friends, Past Lives, Soulmates/ Twin Flames & any & all other questions and/or concerns one may have in life.

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Occult Readings Other Tarot Cards Breakup and Divorce Angel Cards Karma and Past Life Relationship Advice Dream Analysis Numerology Spiritual Reading Family Advice Soulmates Career Advice Dating Advice Rider Waite Cards Psychic Reading Angel Readings Cheating and Affairs Love and Sex Parents and Children Crowley Cards Psychic Mediums Clairvoyant Readings




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